ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems: Providing High-Precision Power Analysis

Conrad Zimmer, General Manager, ZES ZIMMER Electronic SystemsConrad Zimmer, General Manager
For integration and implementation of any device in an organization, power analysis plays a vital role. The amount of power required for a device’s operation and the amount of power generated as an outcome, determines the overall performance of the device. Thus, it becomes necessary for the measurement and subsequent analysis of both incoming and outgoing powers to be highly precise and accurate. Sometimes, even the slightest deviation in measurement from the desired result can lead to total failure of the device and consequently, the system. As a result, any sensor or device needs to be highly precise and accurate in terms of power consumption. To ensure high-precision performance of devices, Zes Zimmer Electronics Systems provide their high-precision power analyzer solution products.

Founded by Georg Zimmer in 1980, Zes Zimmer Electronic Systems is a high-tech company that dedicates itself exclusively to high-precision power analysis. With headquarter in Oberursel (Frankfurt), Germany, the company has devised, developed, manufactured and sold power analyzers for three decades. Zes Zimmer focuses mainly on broadband single and three-phase precision power analyzers. Their precision and reliability have led them to attain their coveted position in the market. They not only help customers keep up with the latest trends in the power electronics industry but also provide an effective means to overtake their competitors and place their company and products in pole position.
Zes Zimmer is committed to enabling its customers to deliver fast, precise and reliable results to solve their measurement tasks in an efficient manner.

We put great effort into making our products easy to install and requiring low maintenance

Products offered by Zes Zimmer not just include power analyzers, but also a wide range of devices such as range enhancement sensors, current transducers etc. They even provide software to configure, analyze and log results from their power analyzers. Zimmer’s power analyzer products, like LMG640, can measure direct voltages of up to 3200 Vpk (Volt per KiloWatt) and current up to 120 Apk (Ampere per Kilowatt). The device can simultaneously measure narrow and broadband signal values using its DualPath architecture and contains freely configurable signal filters. LMG640 also includes a flexible scripting tool for custom applications. It can simultaneously capture fundamental frequencies as well as RMS values for instantaneous detection of losses.

Zes Zimmer’s HST is a high precision wideband high voltage divider that can expand the measuring range of a power meter by over 1000V. It can divide DC, AC or any distorted voltage with very high accuracy by a factor of 1000. Zimmer’s also offers, the DC200IF, which is a highly stabilized and precise current transducer that uses Fluxgate closed-loop compensation technology for enhanced stability and accuracy. It is engineered to be cost-sensitive and non-intrusive to measure AC and DC current up to 300A.

Zimmer’s power analyzers are used to develop a range of appliances and devices like frequency inverters, Automotive hybrid drives, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, transformers, power supplies, lighting technology etc. Their products find a wide range of applications in industries like White/ Red goods, consumer electronics, scientific calibration laboratories, conventional and renewable energy generation, transport, motor and electric drive technology, and various other fields.

As of April 2019, Zes Zimmer launched another power analyzer of LMG600 series, the LMB671. LMG671 can combine the five phases of signal testing, namely, signal acquisition, timing control, integration, derivation and pass/fail decision into a single instrument. This eliminates unnecessary complexity and is cost-effective, thereby making a test engineer’s life easier. Zes Zimmer today, strives to continue to provide high-precision power analysis for future devices, helping push the rate of advancement, within the power electronics field.
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ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems

Grand Rapids, MI

Conrad Zimmer, General Manager

ZES ZIMMER Electronic Systems offers power analyzers, sensors, transducers, software, accessories and testing systems. The focus of ZES ZIMMER is on single-/three-phase precision power analyzers for broadband. The electrical and electronics industry uses these for R&D and for quality assurance, research laboratories use them to ensure that standards are met, and universities rely on them to educate future generations of engineers and scientists. Also, their revolutionary measurement software not only helps their customers to keep up with advances in the power electronics market but also provides them with an effective way to leapfrog ahead of their rivals and put their business and services in a pole position

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